Seven original puzzles: one Match-the-Quotes puzzle, two Word-Arithmetic puzzles, one Geometry
puzzle, and three Number-Logic puzzles.

left-quote 'Match the quotes' right-quote

The following puzzle is a list of favorite quotes. To the right are persons who made the quotes. The quotes
and the persons seem to be correctly matched, but are they all? If you don't think so, try to match the correct
person with each quote!

1) This could be the start of something big. (Song Title)               A) Fred Astaire
2) Great music has the faintest notes.               B) Bacon
3) Confidence is born of strength; strength is born of confidence.               C) Grade B Kung-Fu Movie
4) There is a frustrating of plans where there is no confidential
     talk, but in the multitude of counselors there is accomplishment.
              D) Aristotle
5) Art lies in hiding art.               E) Lao Tse
6) I don't know much about art; I just try to knock 'em dead in
     the aisles whenever I get a chance.
              F) Jimmy Durante
7) The greatest understanding comes to the one who inquires
     into the original causes of things.
              G) Albert Einstein
8) To teach is to learn for the first time.               H) Solomon
9) Evil never dies; it just moves around from household to
     household; generation to generation.
              I) Mort Sahl
10) When a man and a woman get married: she hopes he will
     change, he hopes she won't; both are disappointed.
              J) Voltaire
11) If you weren't going to fall in love, what were you going to do?               K) Yukichi Fukuzawa
12) EV-rybody wants to get into de act!               L) Talk show host Steve Allen

Letter arithmetic

Word Arithmetic Puzzle #1

Number of solvers so far: 0

Each letter in the arithmetic puzzle to the left is a different number from 0
thru 9. The result is a multiplication with the correct result.

Find the matching numbers for each letter. There is only one answer.

Letter arithmetic

Word Arithmetic Puzzle #2

Number of solvers so far: 0

This is another word arithmetic like the one above, except that
this time there are two solutions. Also, only 9 of the ten digits
are used (different set of 9 for the two solutions). Some of the
solving techniques won't work this time!

Find the matching numbers for each letter, for each of the
two solutions.

Letters O T T F F S S E

Logic Puzzle #1

Number of solvers so far: 2

What is the logic behind the eight-letter sequence on the left?

Therefore what is the next letter?

Sphere in pyramid

Geometry Puzzle

Number of solvers so far: 1

The sphere on the right is inscribed in the rectangular pyramid, and tangent
to all 5 sides. The volume of the pyramid is 36 cubic inches, and the surface
area of the pyramid is 45 square inches.

What is the radius of the sphere?

number sequence

Logic Puzzle #2

Number of solvers so far: 0

What is the logic behind the number sequence on the left?

Therefore what is the missing (??) number?

Numbers 1 4 7 10 13 16 19 22 25

Numbers Puzzle

Number of solvers so far: 0

Players take turns choosing a number on the right.
No number is taken twice. First player to reach the
sum of 39 wins (I.E. 1, 13, 19, & 25 wins via 1 + 13
+ 25). If neither player can make 39, the game is a
draw (I.E. 1, 4, 10, 13, 19 vs. 7, 16. 22, 25).

A: If you have gone first and picked 19, and then your
    opponent has taken 22, which number should you
    choose next? Note: there is only one solution. One
    other number leads to a draw, and the remaining
    five lead to a loss, even though you went first!

B: Does this puzzle remind you of anything you have seen before?

Computer cluster

Networking Puzzle

Number of solvers so far: 0 (Difficult)

The computer cluster at the left is obeying 2 directives:

1: Each node must be connected to exactly 3 others
2: Each node can reach every other node in 3 steps or less

Thus node 1 can connect to node 9 in 3 steps: 1 to 5, 5 to 4, 4 to 9.
But ten nodes is not the maximum possible. What is the maximum?

Create a new cluster: one that has the maximum possible
number of nodes, while obeying the above two directives.

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